Multidisciplinary Writer




I've been fortunate enough to have several plays performed and to work with some brilliant actors and directors. Writing plays is entirely different to creating prose. It's a great challenge and makes me think all over again about how to tell a story.



'Suspicious Minds' is an engaging murder mystery about the death of a life-long Elvis fan and reminds us that who we are as adults is shaped by who we were as children.

"The play twists and turns at break neck speed to the very last, leaving the audience gripping onto the side of their chairs for dear life. We jump from times and places like a magical bouncy ball, fitting the pieces back together again as we go. By the end, the picture is clear though quietly devastating. I love writing of such bleak hilarity that it leaves the audience eating their empty pint glasses. It is a sight to behold. Not that the show is all death and misery. Life isn’t that bad, you know. It’s hysterical!" - ALEX EADES, THE SKINNY



'Burke' is a poignant haunting psychological drama which delves into the mind of notorious serial killer William Burke as he awaits his execution. Using accounts from his 2-day trial in 1828, this telling of the story will challenge the common perception about who the main protagonist was in the deadly partnership between William Burke and William Hare.

"Over an hour of tense dialogue, Caroline Dunford's script covers some fascinating ground, in exploring the nature of evil, and Stuart Nicoll's confident production features three impressive performances, from Andrew Hainey as Burke, Gregor Firth as Hare, and Mark Kydd as the puzzled and complex Captain Rose." - JOYCE MCMILLAN, THE SCOTSMAN



A young man crouches in a darkened room late one night and waits. He waits, for something terrible to come for him.

The Moonlit Road is a new one-man ghost story by internationally bestselling crime novelist Caroline Dunford and her partner Graham Gibson, inspired by the writings of Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allan Poe, M.R. James, Bram Stoker, and many others.

"The town of Birnam has seen its fair share of ghostly occurrences, but nothing compared to this new ghost story by Caroline Dunford and her partner Graham Gibson!" - THE SCOTS MAGAZINE - TEN THINGS YOU CANNAE MISS